The Complete Collection

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EFA and SER Bundle HR-01.png

The Complete Collection

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Here you will get everything in the Emotional First Aid Kit and the Work and Life Transitions collections. This includes:

  • Stuck and looking for inspiration
  • Clarity and making decisions
  • Seeking focus when distracted
  • Clearing headspace when feeling overwhelmed
  • Reconnecting with purpose when feeling lost
  • Finding your voice in a sea of noise

As well as:

  • Start the day right
  • End the day right
  • Start the week right
  • End the week right
  • Start the weekend right
  • End the weekend right

All meditations are offered with and without music, totalling 24 meditation files.

Please note: due to the size of this collection, after purchase you will receive a document directing you to a link where you will be able to access these files individually and as a one-click zip file download.

All prices in USD.

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