Emotional First Aid Kit: Meditation Collection

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EFA Bundle HR-01.png

Emotional First Aid Kit: Meditation Collection

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This collection has been created to give you a toolbox of meditations to dip into when faced with a particular issue, and to get the help you need - fast! Like a regular first aid kit, this collection has been designed to help you treat an issue before it snowballs into a serious problem down the track.

Designed to tackle specific issues that come up in work and life, this collection features six meditations:

  • Stuck and looking for inspiration

  • Clarity and making decisions

  • Seeking focus when distracted

  • Clearing headspace when feeling overwhelmed

  • Reconnecting with purpose when feeling lost

  • Finding your voice in a sea of noise

Each meditation is offered with and without music.

All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD).

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