The Ideas Factory: One-On-One Mentoring and Strategy

Feeling in a bit of a rut? Frustrating at where you're at with your life? Need a bit of cheerleading? Maybe you just want someone to kick some ideas around with. Oh, yeah I can you help with that!

While I'm a trained life coach, this is not life coaching. My process is much more spontaneous and informal and I just love the rapid-fire sharing that comes from a really great conversation, and together I know we can bounce ideas off each other to really get to the heart of the matter.

Equal parts enthusiasm, collaboration and inspiration, these sessions will help you take an idea you have cooking away in the back of your mind and help refine it into something you know how to take forward and bring to life.

If you’re feeling stuck, we need to talk.

Business Design

Putting you and your personality at the heart of your business and brand

Increasingly customers no longer wish to buy x product or service from a faceless brand - more and more people are looking for stories, community and connection, and basing their purchases on emotions and experiences. I can help you put more of yourself authentically into your business, while still maintaining your privacy. By helping you to work smarter, not harder, you can enjoy your business and more and live a life you love.

Loving your business and your life

Being a business owner can be tough, particularly on your relationships and other life goals. It is so easy to be focussed so completely on your business that everything else starts to feel out of control. Maybe spending so much time on your business has left you a bit out of love with the whole thing. Together we can work through these sticking points and help you reclaim the business you dreamed of while also enjoying and creating a life you love.

Lifestyle Design

I know you’re an incredible person. You have so much bubbling away inside you but feel frustrated by not being able to live the life you want. For whatever reason you keep repeating the same old patterns, but just know you can truly live the life you desire if you made a few tweaks. This is where I come in. It is my job to help you tap into those inner resources that will allow you to identify, choose and live the life you currently dream of. Working with me will:

  • Allow you to discover what you really want from your life (not just what you think you want or want to want)
  • Enable you to make the time and space to care for yourself as you create the life you know you can live
  • Teach you how to plan out your goals and how to achieve them
  • Give you a way to quiet the opinions of others in order to hear your own desires - we focus on what you want, not what others want for you
  • Help you clearly identify the way you’ve been living your life and ways to create new and healthy behaviours
  • Finally allow you to intentionally choose your own life

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