Experiments in Blogging

Blogging can be hard! This is my launching point for exploring other ways of blogging that don't feel like a chore.

I have a bit of a confession to make: I'm not all that fond of blogging. There. I've said it! This is my secret shame.

Ok, so 'secret shame' is a bit dramatic, but as someone who has a blog and a business I'm incredibly passionate about, it is a huge bummer to find myself dragging my feet every time I start writing a new post. What could take me a few hours to write instead takes me a few days of dipping in and out (and finding every feasible distraction under the sun) before I can finally hit 'publish' on an article. This simply will not do. So I keep trying to find ways to make myself knuckle down, including whole days where I've sequestered myself away from home to force myself to focus in and git 'er done. Still no love.

In terms of the posts I have published, I know I'm happy with the final product, and would only share something I'm proud of and which people might find helpful, but the process as it currently stands makes me less likely to do the actually blogging in the first place. Not a great place from which to be a blogger...

Yet, I'm someone who has always loved writing, so how can this be? I dream of writing novels and have tinkered away on creative projects my whole life. So why is it that I struggle to get my bloggin' on? I have plenty of post and content ideas that light my fire and I want to share these with others, but just can't seem to find my mojo when it comes to that actual writing bit.

Pardon my French, but it feels a whole lot like pushing shit uphill.

However, not one to be easily deterred when I really set my heart on something, I've decided instead to look at the 'how' of what I'm doing rather than giving up on this whole blogging thing. In life, and in business, I'm all about identifying what's working, what isn't working and tweaking things to create better results.

As a kid, I loved Pinky and The Brain, a cartoon about two genetically enhanced lab mice who were bent on world domination. Each episode they would execute a new plan to try to take over the world but always fail, usually because of Pinky's ineptitude. Anyway, the point of my story is that even though I loved the show (and yeah, I know it's just a cartoon) I would get annoyed that instead of refining the original megalomaniacal plot that nearly worked, The Brain would just come up with an entirely new scheme each episode. "Brain," I'd think to myself, "just change the damned plan, and the world will be yours!" And, I suppose, the show would be over after two episodes.

A more sophisticated and succinct way to make this same point goes to Mr. Thomas Edison:

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."
- Thomas A. Edison

Anyway, you can probably see my point. Rather than throwing out an idea because it doesn't work, I'm a big believer in examining what didn't work and develop strategies to counterbalance and improve these factors. Simplistically put, this process looks a bit like this:

Try -> Fail -> Refine -> Try -> Succeed -> World Domination

In looking at my current process I wanted to identify what I do enjoy, and there are some posts I've really enjoyed writing in the past so I know that feeling is possible, so it seems that the next step is to try and find more ways to post than those I've been trying up until now.

I have a feeling the main components for me to explore will be content (i.e. what the post is about) and method (the type or style of post) and I already have a heap of ideas for mixing things up that I can't wait to share with you. I'm also hoping you'll let me know which you like so I can work on tweaking and shifting what I offer in a way that offers the most value.

Watch this space...

P.S. You want to know something interesting? This post practically wrote itself and was enjoyable to do. Mental note: do more confessionals!

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