5 More Quick Happiness Boosts for Bloggers

Hey bloggers! It's time to get happy with these 5 quick happiness boosts. Click through to read these quick happiness boosters for bloggers and download your free cheatsheet.

Today I'm trying something a bit different. As I've talked about previously, I want to try a few different things out in this whole blogging thing, and today I am pretty happy to be introducing audio posts. Check out the recording below to get your ears on five of my happiness boosts for bloggers.


Not a fan of listening to posts? Well, I've got you covered too, friend. Check out the summary below:

We all have our down days where we're just not feeling it. When doing the work that we usually love can feel like a total drag. Here are some of my five top happiness boosts for bloggers:

Happiness Boost #1: Having flowers or plants in your workspace

Liven up your space with flowers or plants to add a shot of nature to your office. It will inject some brightness and freshness into your day.

Happiness Boost #2: Gratitude

Get out of your own head, and take a few minutes to write down some of the things that make life that little bit better.

Happiness Boost #3: Crank up the tunes!

Feeling down? Try something upbeat. A bit frustrated? Put on some a chilled track and just float away. Metaphorically of course!

Happiness Boost #4: Get creative doing something other than work

Break out of the work you're doing and try something different. Creative pursuits are fun and allow different parts of your brain to fire up.

Happiness Boost #5: Help someone else

Being useful is a great boost to morale and could be just what the doctor ordered to lift you from a down mood. And someone else gets some help too! Win win.

Enjoyed these happiness boosts? Well, there's more where that come from! Check out 5 Happiness Boosts for Bloggers. Spoiler alert: it has a free cheatsheet too!

Now it's your turn. Have you tried any of these before? Do you have any other tips and tricks you use to boost your happiness? Let me know in the comments below – I’d love to hear from you. 

Getting personal

Plan Create Grow is headed in a new direction and things are about to get personal.

Increasingly there is a shift toward authenticity and personality in the brands of businesses. From large corporations to solopreneurs, businesses are taking to social media and blogging, video and advertising with clear voices and compelling stories. And their customers are responding in kind. Loyalty to brands such as Apple inspires a fervour which would have been unheard of 20-30 years ago.

Yet for so many businesses, creating a ‘personality’ for their brand is easier said than done. The question of how to be personal and still maintain a level of professionalism is a tricky prospect, and one I know I struggle with. While I will explore this concept further in the future at Plan Create Grow, for now I wanted to concentrate on my relationship with this issue, and how I am addressing it. Like I said, things are about to get personal.

After years of a career in the corporate world, my communication style and written voice has been shaped and moulded around an impersonal professionalism so typical to that culture. Friendly, sure, but not really an honest indication of the person behind the message. In that context I think this is appropriate, but when it comes to speaking from the heart and sharing ideas and inspiration with the Plan Create Grow community, this absolutely won’t fly.

With all the best intentions in the world, a few years ago I started writing and blogging (particularly in a previous blog I created elsewhere) in the voice unconsciously shaped by my corporate career. Don’t get me wrong, it is still my voice, but as I read these articles back while I like them and am still excited about the ideas, it feels like there is an element missing: that essence of how I communicate with real humans outside this corporate sphere and how I engage with the people in my world, particularly those I’m closest to.

I am determined to rediscover my true style.

It can feel frightening to speak in our real voices, particularly as business owners, bloggers and creatives – what if we alienate someone? Will people like my stuff enough if I wear my heart on my sleeve? Will I be able to survive financially if I don’t get everyone to think I’m super fantastic? Will I be ridiculed for being myself?

Yet more and more we find unique voices emerging in the online and offline worlds. People are speaking as themselves, and the public are responding and engaging like never before.

All of this brings me nicely to the changes afoot at Plan Create Grow. Firstly I’m going to be consciously communicating in a voice that rings true for who I am, the risk of alienating people be damned! I have always loved writing, but the slightly constricted version of my voice has taken some of the joy out of that and obviously this has got to stop.

Also, the type of content I offer, and the way in which it is delivered, will be more of a reflection of my interests, tastes and how I engage with the world. Sometimes irreverent, sometimes off topic, I want to share with this community my filter on the world and hope that this is a reflection of your world too. I love connecting people and ideas, and so many of my conversations bring to mind things I’ve seen, read or heard, and I can’t help but relate these to the topic at hand. You’ll be getting some of this action here too.

I keep being called to create something beautiful – both visually and as a way to experience the world. I want this space to feel like you’ve wandered into my living room (without all the clutter and bits of paper lying around, of course!) and have plopped yourself down on my couch for a cup of tea and a chat. I want my online living room to be a place in which you want to spend time, because you know you can be yourself here.

It’s all about showing up, being present and being brave in the face of vulnerability.

The future is exciting, and so is the present.

Thanks for sticking around and I look forward to sharing more sweet goodness with you from right now.