5 More Non-Sleazy Ways to Get Noticed by Your Online Heroes


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Hi there, and today I want to share Five More Non-Sleazy Ways to Get Noticed by Your Online Heroes. This follows on from an earlier post where I shared another five ways non-sleazy ways to get noticed by your online heroes.

As I introduced in this previous post, I believe one of the best ways to run a successful business you love is through making and nurturing genuine connections with others. I’m not interested in the all-take-and-no-give kind interaction – and I say ‘interaction’ as that is no kind of relationship – where you’re only about boosting your own numbers. And anyway, I think that’s only a short-term strategy as sooner or later people can sense a phoney and won’t stick around.

Number one: be active in their community

Facebook groups in particular are great here as there is so much potential for genuine interaction and engagement, and to be really helpful. Help others with their questions. Ask questions of your own, or even ask for help. Spark conversations, but probably not controversies. Don’t forget that others love being able to help too and by asking for advice or assistance you are giving them the opportunity to be generous and helpful.

A bonus here is that you will naturally come to the attention of your online hero as a helpful, engaged and intelligent member of their community, and they may even be inclined to consider working or partnering with you in the future on something that intersects with what you can offer and the needs of their community.

Number two: create a raving fan post 

A 'raving fan' post is where you do a profile of one or more people and businesses you genuinely admire and talk a bit about why you’re a raving fan. How have they helped you? How have they entertained, delighted or engaged you? How has applying what they’ve taught helped you in your life? Why do you read and follow them? Be open and honest.

These posts can take any style you like. A written blog post, a video or podcast, or posts on social media. Whatever floats your boat. And not only are you reaching out to someone you admire but you’re also providing people in your community with a thoughtful recommendation to a helpful resource.

Bonus points with this tip for reaching out to them on social media or email to let them about your post and to basically just say thanks. Who doesn’t love a heartfelt compliment? Share the love!

Number three: ask them directly for their help

Email can work, or social media is a good one for this too. This is not about taking the piss and asking for something big or outrageous, but maybe saying you loved xyz post or idea and asking them to expand on these ideas further, or to ask for advice on how to do something that ties into their expertise.

Be gracious and respectful. Make it clear that you know they’re busy and don’t need an answer right away as it will make it more likely for them to help you out, and always be sure to thank them for their time.

You know, you will probably get a few no-thank-yous when trying this approach, but heck, you may just get a yes-please! And how amazing would that be!

Number four: offer to partner up in a joint venture

Joint ventures, or JVs, are a business partnership of sorts where you and another party or parties join forces to create something of value for both of your respective audiences. A really popular JV I’ve seen around the interwebs is where two businesses run a free webinar together, where they both teach something of value on a particular theme, and then each package one of their related products or services for sale in a special bundle.

This is a great way of getting your brand in front of the audience of someone who is in a similar field to you, and who by signing up, have shown an interest in what you have to teach. It is also potentially a great way to make a few sales by offering a fantastic deal on your products or services, and quickly turning some of these new subscribers into customers.

If you’re proposing a JV to someone you really want to work with, it can be really worthwhile to do a lot of the work in preparing it. We’re looking to present an easy ‘yes’ to someone who is really busy and in-demand, so do your research and put together a professional strategy for how this could run.

In terms of other Joint Ventures, if you feel like it would be beneficial not just to you but also to your online hero, you could also suggest teaming up to create an all new product together. Do your homework here and consider how you could offer value to this potential partner and their audience, and what a potential collaboration could look like.

Number Five: create a guest post, or provide something of value to the audience of your online hero

There are so many great forms this can take: write a blog post, create a Facebook livestream, run a challenge, create a mini-course and so on. The important thing to remember is to align your offer with something that would be helpful to their audience, and to provide something which offers genuine value and insight.

The content you provide needs to be original, in other words, not something else you’ve used on someone else’s site, but you could write an article or do a live post which then directs the audience to a challenge or freebie that isn’t just for them. Just make sure that you are clear with this when you’re approaching the business owner to avoid confusion, disappointment or bad faith.


I hope you found these suggestions useful. As a bonus tip I also wanted to add how valuable, and simple, it can be to just give someone you admire a shout out on social media. To have a fun and easy way to do this, I’ve created Shout Out Cards which are social media and community building tools aimed to give you a visual prop to use in your posts. One of the cards in the freebie set is Shout Out Sunday, and as you might have guessed from the name, encourages weekly shout outs to anyone and anything you admire. Um, on a Sunday. One of the best bits of using these cards is that by using #shoutoutcards you get to follow along with others shouting out, and even better, they get to follow along with your shouts outs! Nice.

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