What's coming up...

Dearest friends

Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm always incredibly grateful to have people visiting here and interacting as part of the community.

Firstly, I apologise for my recent radio silence. It's kind of been a while since my last post, but this is largely because things have been bubbling away in the background (for what feels like ages!), and I am on the brink of launching some new stuff that is super exciting. Well, super exciting for me and I hope for you too.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm getting personal. To this end I've been squirrelled away working on what's next for Plan Create Grow, and am just now about ready to share. Like, any day now!

I've created two meditation series to help with common life and work problems. The basis for my inspiration was to tap into the issues I have in work and life, and to develop ways to help myself. I'm always trying to get happier and work better, and so often create ways and hacks around my own issues, hurdles and blocks. Time has shown me that often what helps me can also help other people in the same boat - hence the creation of these programs.

I work alone a lot of the time, and know that has an impact on how I show up in my business and in the rest of my life. Having an online business is relatively new in human history, and the unique challenges that come with are increasingly experienced by many, yet without us necessarily having the tools to deal with these.

To this end, the first series I created is called Emotional First Aid and looks at common issues that crop up in our work lives. What to do when you're stuck for ideas. How to move forward when you're hesitating to make a decision. Getting back to a place of focus when easily distracted. Clearing your headspace when feeling overwhelmed. Returning to your purpose when feeling lost and questioning everything. Finding and embracing your true voice.

The second is called Start and End Right and is comprised of meditations tailored to a specific time of the day or week, and are designed to help create a positive mindset shift from work to life and back again. Making space between our worlds, and the different roles we play in each, allows us to show up more fully wherever we are and to live a life more aligned with our truest desires.

To accompany, and even enhance, these programs I've also created the Self-Care Series - a totally free, five-day email program containing tips and prompts to help folks, particularly those with a strong passion and commitment to their work lives, to take better care of themselves and rock the heck out of life. This includes three meditations specifically to help with wellbeing, acceptance and how to juggle the different work and life worlds we inhabit. I'm crazy happy to be about to share this with you. Crazy happy.

I'm also launching 'How to Get What You Want' - a course I created earlier this year, but now have tweaked as well as adding in a few bonuses to help folks get even more out of the program.

As you can see, stuff has been super fantastically busy. And exciting.

I'll be sending another update in the next week or so once this is all ready to go, including a way to sign up for the free program.

So my friends, watch this space. Things are just getting started...