Valentine's Day is not just for couples

Valentine's Day is a bit of an emotional mixed bag. For some, it's one of the best days of the year. A lot of those people have a partner who sends over-the-top floral displays to their workplace or are the giver or receiver of embarrassingly grand displays of public affection. Good for them! Unfortunately this has created the cultural ideal that this is what is to be expected from the day, and if you fall in the 'unlucky' majority who don't have this then obviously you are unloved/unlovable and you bet this day can suck a big one.

It is so patently untrue that our lovability is linked to our relationship status or the number of long-stemmed roses we receive on 14 February that I'm almost embarrassed to say it, but it warrants a reminder. You are amazing, with or without a partner.

It's very sad that a day about love should have so many negative associations for so many people. 'It's too commercial' (which it is, but then so is every 'holiday'). 'I'm unhappy being single.' 'I feel so alone and unloved.' 'I'm in a relationship but my partner is hopeless and unromantic.' 'Valentine's Day is stupid.'

I think this is a shame as, like I said, I see this is a day where love takes centre stage. Love is amazing! It is one of the greatest things we humans can do and is truly the solution to many issues in the world. The problem with the negativity around Valentine's Day arises when we simply assume love only means romantic love. The 'I'm-giddily-happy-in-a-relationship' love. Yeah, whatever! I say it's time to celebrate love in it's many wonderful forms. Our love for our families and friends. Our love for ourselves (for I believe we need to love ourselves in order to truly receive love from others). Our love of our lives - the ones we live and the dreams we hold for ourselves. Love, love, love.

You don't need to buy a tacky card or a heart-shaped box of chocolate to celebrate love. Something as simple as calling a friend to hear about their day, taking your parents out for lunch or showing yourself some lovingkindness will do the trick nicely. Soak in a bubble bath. Watch your favourite film. Snuggle up with your pet.

Whether you're happily coupled up or not, love is there for us all. There's plenty for everyone - you just have to put it out there first.


What's your thoughts about Valentine's Day? Love it, hate it or maybe feel a bit meh about it? I'd love you to leave a reply below. There are no wrong answers here!