How to approach a crossroad in life

As the very wise (and highly fabulous) George Harrison sang, all things must pass. Whether we are enjoying a happy and positive experience or if we are in the pit of misery and trying to figure a way to get out, whatever else happens, all things must pass.

I think this is especially nice to remember when feeling stuck between more than one option in life. How many times have we looked at a crossroads in our lives, tangled up inside about which is the right or wrong path? Unless the answer is clear-cut there can be a lot of soul-searching and angst about which direction to take, and even still after we have made a decision.

What is not so obvious is that the time we spent in indecision (and let’s be honest here, that can sometimes stretch out to be a very long time!) is actually a decision in itself. It is the decision to remain longer in our current position. And when this current position is toxic, this is a pretty damaging thing to do.

There is power in making a decision. But there is also power in acknowledging that not making a decision is really a decision made to stay wherever we are, even if that is in unhappiness. The only way out of this holding pattern is to make a decision and move forward, or accept our decision to stay.

I’m certainly not suggesting that you should be reckless in making a decision just to make one, but rather to acknowledge that no decision is still a decision.

But whatever we do, or do not decide, take comfort in knowing that all things must indeed pass. This means there will be another opportunity to move our lives forward, even if we don’t always get it right first up.

Is this how you approach decision-making in your life? I’d be very interested to hear about how you see your crossroads and if you have ever considered the no-decision-is-still-a-decision issue. Please comment below.