So, who's behind this whole show and what's she all about?

Tracy Hall

I'm so glad you asked, dear friend! I'm Tracy Hall, creator of Plan Create Grow, and it is my genuine and sincere desire to help people live lives they love, and have the amazing creative businesses they dream of.

I help bloggers, creatives and online entrepreneurs get a whole lot happier by finding ease in their business, embracing their unique creative potential and having more fun along the way. I write and curate content that shines a light on how things are done and ways they can be improved. I focus on happiness and creativity, and how these help you create a business and life you love. Plus I'm always looking for lazy girl strategies because, frankly, who doesn't want things in life and business to be easier! I'm super curious and a bit of a student of the world, and of the people who inhabit it.

I'm from Melbourne, Australia and my background is as a trained life coach as well as project co-ordination, event planning and executive administration in the public and private sectors. I take a creative approach to problem solving and have knack for getting to the heart of the matter, especially when it comes to sorting out obstacles to happiness and helping people tap into what they really want.

After spending a lot of time on my own working on various projects, I realised there were practices and actions that really helped me stay focused (and sane!) while creating my own online businesses and that just maybe I could help others in the same boat.

I love making connections between ideas and distilling what I read and learn to help others make the great things happen. I adore finding that sweet spot in a conversation when it’s all collaboration and rapid fire sharing of ideas and everyone is alive with the possibility of what could be. This is what lights me up and what Plan Create Grow is all about.

Any questions? Feel like a chat? Drop me a line at the contact page.

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